The Three Questions we ask when making Screening Decisions

Reference: SCR-1a

Last Updated 27/03/2023

We use a screening process to decide if a concern about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s practice needs to be referred to Case Examiners or the Fitness to Practise Committee.

The process consists of us asking ourselves three questions.

Do we have a written concern about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate on our register? Is there evidence of a serious concern that could require us to take regulatory action to protect the public? Is there clear evidence to show that the nurse, midwife or nursing associate is currently fit to practise?

This process is intended to be used flexibly to help us reach the right decision fairly and quickly.

For example, if an allegation could never amount to a serious concern (such as where an individual has received a fixed penalty notice for a parking offence), we won’t spend our time and resources trying to establish whether the individual referred is on our register.

However, if an allegation could amount to a serious concern, we’ll always make enquiries to check whether the individual is on our register to make sure there haven’t been any similar concerns raised with us in the past.

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