Dual registration

Reference: FTP-2g-2

Last Updated 15/12/2017

Nurses, midwives or nursing associates can apply to be on more than one part of the register as long as they meet the relevant entry requirements for each part. For example, they may be on the nursing part of the register and the midwifery part of the register.

Someone who entered one part of the register by fraud and was removed can still practise if they are on another part of the register.

Where someone has acted fraudulently there is likely to be public interest in making a fitness to practise referral. This is because the Investigating Committee’s decision that a nurse, midwife or nursing associate fraudulently gained entry to one part of the register is likely to call into question their fitness to practise on the other part of the register. If the Investigating Committee decides it would be appropriate for such a referral to be made, it can say so as part of the reasons for its decision on what action to take.

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