Telephone conferences

Reference: CMT-2

Last Updated 28/07/2017

Where the nurse, midwife or nursing associate is represented we will consider whether to arrange a telephone conference with the representative to discuss the proposed hearing bundle and resolve any legal difficulties.

We will provide a copy of our hearing bundle to the representative and arrange a time for the conference approximately five to six weeks before the hearing. The telephone conference may cover the following areas:

  • the content of hearing bundle
  • which witnesses are required
  • issues in dispute
  • hearing length.

After the telephone conference and once a final version of the hearing bundle has been agreed with the representative, we will send it to the panel in advance of the hearing. This has the benefit of reducing the time during the hearing that the panel needs to read the papers.

We understand that long hearings can be difficult for parties to attend, so by narrowing down which issues are in dispute, reducing which witnesses are required and having the panel read the papers in advance, we can reduce the length of the hearing and avoid inconvenience to parties that are not required to attend.

If any issues cannot be resolved at the telephone conference, we may also consider whether to arrange for a preliminary meeting to assist with the smooth running of a hearing.

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