Reference: REV-2c

Last Updated 28/07/2017

We try to give 14 days’ notice for review hearings but there may be instances where we provide a shorter timeframe. For instance, if we feel there are urgent public protection needs that are not addressed by the current interim order then we can send the notice less than seven days before the hearing. If we do this we will provide reasons for this in the notice of hearing.

If the panel at an early review is being asked to consider imposing a more restrictive interim order than the one already in place, the notice should clearly set out the reasons for this request. The reasons should make reference to one or more of the three legal grounds that an interim order can be made on.

At an early review hearing, the panel will consider the grounds for an interim order in full. The panel will hear full representations and will undertake a full reconsideration of the grounds for an interim order, ensuring that all relevant matters are taken into account.

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