What sanctions are and when we might use them

Reference: FTP-11

Last Updated 31/08/2018

A Fitness to Practise Committee panel can impose sanctions (restrictions) if they decide that a nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s fitness to practise is impaired.

They would do this to make sure we protect patients, maintain confidence in the nursing and midwifery professions, and uphold the standards we expect of nurses, midwives or nursing associates.

How we decide which sanction to impose

The panel will consider the seriousness of the concern and the facts of the case to find a sanction that is enough to achieve public protection.

The available sanction outcomes, starting from the least severe, are:

  • taking no further action
  • a caution order of between one and five years
  • a conditions of practice order of up to three years
  • a suspension order of up to twelve months
  • a striking-off order.

Find out more about how we decide which sanction to impose.

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