Serious concerns based on the need to promote public confidence in nurses and midwives

Reference: FTP-3c

Last Updated 31/08/2018

Sometimes we may need to take regulatory action against a nurse or midwife not because their practice presents a risk of harm to patients, but because of our objective to promote and maintain public confidence in nurses and midwives.

This means we may need to take action even if the nurse or midwife has shown that they have put serious clinical failings right, if the past incidents themselves were so serious they could affect the public’s trust in nurses and midwives.

We may also need to take action in cases where the concerns were not directly related to the nurse or midwife’s clinical practice. This will usually only apply to cases of criminal offending.

A need to take action because the public may not feel able to trust nurses and midwives generally is a high threshold. It suggests that members of the public might take risks with their own health and wellbeing by avoiding treatment or care from nurses or midwives.

Nurses and midwives whose conduct has had this kind of impact on the public’s trust in their profession should usually not be allowed to continue practising.

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