Commitment 6: We’ll look for evidence of steps the nurse, midwife or nursing associate has taken to address serious concerns caused by a gap in knowledge or training or personal context factors

Reference: FTP-12f

Last Updated 29/03/2021

Where we identify a gap in the nurse, midwife or nursing associate's knowledge or training, we'll try to help them understand what they can do to address this gap and demonstrate they're safe to practise.

It's important that we find out how this gap occurred and in particular if it raises a concern about the quality or availability of support and supervision at a particular setting or if there's evidence of discrimination or victimisation. If there is such evidence we may need to take some additional action, such as sharing information with other regulators or employers.

Where personal contextual factors, such as health issues or personal circumstances were the root cause of the concerns about someone's practice, our key consideration will be how they relate to the risk of harm to people who use services in the future. We'll need to look at the insight shown by the nurse, midwife or nursing associate into the extent and effect of the personal contextual factors on their practice and the steps they've taken to keep their practice safe in the future.

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