New allegations

Reference: REV-3e

Last Updated 12/10/2018

If we receive information about the practice of a nurse, midwife or nursing associate which suggests that there has been further misconduct, poor practice or difficulties caused by health or lack of knowledge of English, since a substantive order was put in place, we have to decide whether a panel should be made aware of the new allegation as part of the review process, or whether we should treat the information as a new referral.

Generally, we would make the reviewing panel aware of the new information when:

  • it relates to the existing order, for example it suggests that there may have been a breach of conditions of practice
  • the original case arose due to clinical or competence concerns, and the new information suggests that similar poor practice to those previously proved have occurred again
  • it relates to health, for example it suggests that the nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s health condition (already established before a practice committee) has deteriorated.

If we decide not inform the reviewing panel of the new information, but to treat the information as a new referral, we will refer it to our screening team.

They will decide whether there should be a new investigation into the nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s fitness to practise.

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