Guidance and Supporting Information

Putting our standards into practice


Guidance on raising concerns

For nurses, midwives and nursing associates

Guidance on using social media

For nurses, midwives and nursing associates

Guidance on the professional duty of candour

Joint guidance with the General Medical Council

Enabling professionalism

What professionalism looks like in everyday practice through the application of the Code

Principles of Preceptorship

Preceptorship is the structured start for newly registered nurses, midwives and nursing associates.

Practising as a midwife in the UK

The publication provides information for midwives, women and families, and anyone else with an interest in midwifery.

Supporting Information

Supporting information on student supervision and assessment

Help to use our standards for the supervision and assessment of nursing and midwifery students

Learning from Gosport

Key themes from the Gosport Independent Panel’s report that are helpful for nursing and midwifery professionals to consider

Supporting information for our education and training standards

Supporting information for our updated standards for education and training following the changes we made to them in 2023.

Supporting information for nurse assessors

Supporting information for those who engage in, or are considering, taking on the role of a nurse assessor.

Supporting Information on Indirect Supervision

Supporting information for enabling indirect supervision of students in practice placement learning scenarios and wider learning experiences.

The best midwifery care happens in partnership

Every woman, baby and family should experience the best possible care during pregnancy, birth and postnatally. And as a registered midwife, you make this a reality.