SSSA Supporting Information hub

Our animation Understanding students supervision and assessment sets out how our Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA) provide the structure and guidance that students need to learn and achieve their goals.

It covers the roles of supervisors, academic assessors and practice assessors. It also describes the importance of a positive and inclusive learning culture in both practice and simulated settings, enabling students to be the best future professionals they can be.

Watch this video with Welsh subtitles

SSSA Guides

The following guides contain the supporting information for standards relating to student supervision and assessment.

Our guidance sets out possible ways that our standards may be met but it’s not a series of standards and expectations for what ‘must’ be done. Our standards can be met in other ways, as long as they’re fulfilled, upholds public protection and supports students to meet their learning outcomes and our standards.

Our practice learning scenarios can help you understand how our standards of proficiency will work and should be implemented in the real world.