Who identifies who the practice supervisors are?

Reference: PS2

Last Updated 23/07/2018

The AEI, with its practice learning partners, is responsible for identifying which professionals may be suitable to act as practice supervisors for nursing and midwifery students in a practice learning environment. This can be done dynamically throughout the student’s programme or they could identify a pool of professionals who are suitable for supporting students.

Factors that AEIs and practice learning partners should take into account when identifying practice supervisors include:

  • The relevant standards as detailed below
  • Programme outcomes
  • Student learning needs, and
  • Public protection
  • Skill mix and availability in the setting

The AEI and its practice learning partners should be able to demonstrate that their decisions uphold public protection and enable students to meet their learning outcomes.

Relevant NMC standards for this section

Standards for student supervision and assessment:

1.4: there are suitable systems, processes, resources and individuals in place
to ensure safe and effective coordination of learning within practice
learning environments

1.8: students have opportunities to learn from a range of relevant people
in practice learning environments, including users of services, registered
and non-registered individuals, and other students as appropriate

2.1 all students on an NMC approved programme are supervised while
learning in practice

Standards framework for nursing and midwifery education

R3.3: have opportunities throughout their programme to work with and learn
from a range of people in a variety of practice placements, preparing
them to provide care to people with diverse needs

R3.5: are supervised and supported in practice learning in accordance with
the NMC Standards for student supervision and assessment

R4.1: comply with all standards and requirements in the NMC standards
for education and training