Individual responsibilities

Reference: LE2-C

Last Updated 01/03/2019

We do not set any specifications for who must do what in the organisation of learning experiences as this will vary depending on, amongst other things, the way and setting in which a learning opportunity is being provided, any relevant policies the organisation hosting the learning opportunity may have, the student’s individual learning needs and the intended outcomes of the learning opportunity. Learning must happen in a way that preserves public safety, enables the student to meet their learning outcomes, and facilitates a fair and evidenced based assessment. There are many different ways of organising a learning experience and many different people can be part of a learning experience.

All nurses, midwives and nursing associates have a responsibility for supporting learning as set out in section 9.4 of the Code. It should be noted that they can do this in a range of ways, not merely by acting as a practice supervisor.

Everyone within a learning environment has a part to play in student learning. Many different individuals, registered and non-registered staff, including other students, have the capacity to be part of education and to contribute to student learning but need to be prepared and understand the learning needs generally for the programme and specifically for individual student learning needs.

The student should be empowered to seek out learning experiences from all those who can provide them across the multi-disciplinary team, not just from nurses, midwives and nursing associates.

The AEI, with its practice learning partners, should ensure that learning environments and experiences enable this without compromising the safety of people.

Relevant NMC standards for this section

Standards for student supervision and assessment

1.8: students have opportunities to learn from a range of relevant people
in practice learning environments, including users of services, registered
and non-registered individuals, and other students as appropriate

The Code

9.4: support students’ and colleagues’ learning to help them develop their professional competence and confidence