Last Updated 24/10/2023

Assessment of practice learning

Each practice assessor is responsible for the assessment and confirmation of the achievement of proficiencies and programme outcomes in practice learning for the student(s) they are assigned to, for the period they are assigned to them.

A good assessment is evidenced based, objective and fair, taking into account a variety of views and inputs, and student diversity, such as different learning styles, cultural backgrounds and communication styles. The practice assessor should take into account the student’s history of achievement and their achievement across theory and practice.

Assessment should be continuous throughout the time in which a practice assessor is assigned to a student. The practice assessor should be up to date on the progress of the student they are assigned to. Collation of information on a student’s performance should be managed in a way that enables this. The rationale for this is to enable ongoing conversations on student achievement so that the actual assessment is a culmination of these conversations rather than having an element of surprise or unexpectedness. It also ensures any potential concerns are addressed early on with suitable support and an action plan with expect milestones to be mutually agreed by student and assessor.