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We prelist a month of hearings in advance. These are updated at the start and middle of each month.  

We publish the most recent three months of outcomes. Older updates to the hearings pages are taken off our website because decisions can be changed.

Historic, individual outcomes that are still in place are listed on our website in PDF form, and can be found via the site search using name or PIN or, via our indexes.

Extensions or continuations to sanctions will only be listed on our indexes. These are not published on the Hearings pages, which are for new outcomes or changes to sanctions.

If a nurse, midwife or nursing associate is found to have no case to answer, we remove all documents and information which relates to their case from our website.

We publish monthly reports of the most recent three months of sanctions. These are updated at the middle of each month.

Read more about what we publish in our Publication guidance and Information handling guidance.