The student at the centre of learning

Reference: SE1

Last Updated 22/03/2019

Students should be empowered to take control of and responsibility for their own learning, and to self-direct their learning where safe and appropriate.

They should be provided with opportunities to develop their own proficiency and to work towards becoming independent, reflective and professional practitioners.

Public protection and the safety of people must always be upheld. Students should be provided with the right support to empower them to take responsibility for their learning without compromising public protection and confidence in our professions.

What this means will be dependent on a number of different things, such as the programme of study the student is on, their level of achievement, confidence and competence, and any adjustments they may need.

Relevant NMC standards for this section

Standards framework for nursing and midwifery education

S1.1: The learning culture prioritises the safety of people, including carers, students and educators, and enables the values of the Code to be upheld.

S1.2: Education and training is valued in all learning environments.

R2.2: ensure programmes are designed to meet proficiencies and outcomes relevant to the programme

S3.2: Students are empowered and supported to become resilient, caring, reflective and lifelong learners who are capable of working in inter-professional and inter-agency teams

R3.13: are provided with information and support which encourages them to take responsibility for their own mental and physical health and wellbeing

R3.14: are provided with the learning and pastoral support necessary to empower them to prepare for independent, reflective professional practice

Standards for student supervision and assessment

1.7: students are empowered to be proactive and to take responsibility for their learning