These standards set out the roles and responsibilities of practice supervisors and assessors, and how they must make sure students receive high-quality learning, support and supervision during their practice placements. They also set our expectations for the learning, support and supervision of students in the practice environment. As well as setting out how students are assessed for theory and practice learning.

Practice supervisors and assessors should use these standards to ensure the best possible learning experience for students.

Our Standards for student supervision and assessment have been in effect since 28 January 2019. We re-published the standards in April 2023. No content has changed, we simply updated the design and the definition for simulation to align with our other standards publications.  

The Standards

If you want to print the standards without using too much ink and paper, we have printer friendly versions available below:

Find our pre-2023 standards for education and training here.

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Why our standards are important

Our four minute animation Understanding students supervision and assessment sets out how our Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA) provide the structure and guidance that students need to learn and achieve their goals.

It covers the roles of supervisors, academic assessors and practice assessors. It also describes the importance of a positive and inclusive learning culture in both practice and simulated settings, enabling students to be the best future professionals they can be.

Watch this video with Welsh subtitles

Our education and training standards help nursing, midwifery and nursing associate students achieve the NMC standards of proficiency and programme outcomes.

All nursing, midwifery and nursing associate professionals must practise in line with the requirements of the Code, the professional standards of practice and behaviour that nurses, midwives and nursing associates are expected to uphold.

The standards for education and training includes the standards framework for nursing and midwifery education, standards for student supervision and assessment, and programme standards specific to each approved programme.

Our Standards for education and training are set out in three parts:

Our standards framework

The structure of our standards follow the students journey through their education:

  • Effective practice learning
    Find out what needs to be in place to deliver safe and effective learning experiences for nursing and midwifery students in practice.
  • Supervision of students
    Read about the principles of student supervision in the practice environment and the role of the practice supervisor.
  • Assessment of students and confirmation of proficiency
    Understand what we require from educators who are assessing and confirming students’ practice and academic achievement. In this section we also describe the roles of the practice assessor and academic assessor.

Supporting information

We have written supporting information for some of our standards relating to student supervision and assessment. This information is updated regularly.

Our guidance sets out possible ways that our standards may be met but it’s not a series of standards and expectations for what ‘must’ be done. Our standards can be met in other ways, as long as they’re fulfilled, upholds public protection and supports students to meet their learning outcomes and our standards.

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Our practice learning scenarios can help you understand how our standards of proficiency will work and should be implemented in the real world. 

Explore our practice environment case scenarios for nursing programmes

Our SSSA webinar

This webinar will help you learn more about the SSSA: how they support students to meet their standards of proficiency, and to deliver safe and effective care.

Post-registration SSSA workshop

This workshop covers our Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA) on SCPHN and community SPQ courses. It covers an overview of the SSSA, the different roles supporting students, triangulation of assessment, an example from practice and quality assurance requirements.

How our standards were developed

Since 2016 we have been developing our standards with input from stakeholders across the UK.

Find out more about how the standards were developed.