These standards set out the entry and practice learning requirements, curriculum, length of programme, methods of assessment and the level of award for NMC-approved nursing programmes. They have been designed so that students can get the most out of their education and learn the skills they need to become safe, effective and kind professionals. 

Our updated standards for pre-registration nursing programmes were approved by our Council at its meeting on 25 January 2023 and can now be implemented by Approved education institutions (AEIs).

The updated standards

The updated standards

If you want to print the standards without using too much ink and paper, we have printer friendly versions available below:

Our pre-2023 standards for pre-registration programmes can still be used until January 2025. However, we encourage AEIs to make relevant changes to their programmes in line with our updated standards as soon as they can.

Find our pre-2023 standards for education and training here.  

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Why our standards are important 

Our education and training standards help nursing, midwifery and nursing associate students achieve the NMC standards of proficiency and programme outcomes.

All nursing, midwifery and nursing associate professionals must practise in line with the requirements of the Code, the professional standards of practice and behaviour that nurses, midwives and nursing associates are expected to uphold.

The standards for education and training includes the Standards framework for nursing and midwifery education, Standards for student supervision and assessment, and programme standards specific to each approved programme.

Our standards for education and training are set out in three parts:

Our standards framework

Our Standards for pre-registration nursing programmes follow the student journey and are grouped under the following five headings:

  • Selection, admission and progression 
    Standards about an applicant’s suitability and continued participation in a pre-registration nursing programme
  • Curriculum
    Standards for the content, delivery and evaluation of the pre-registration nursing programme
  • Practice learning
    Standards specific to pre-registration learning for nurses that takes place in practice settings
  • Supervision and assessment
    Standards for safe and effective supervision and assessment of students on pre-registration nursing programmes
  • Qualification to be awarded
    Standards about the academic award and registering the student’s award with us.

Supporting information

We have written supporting information for some of our education and training standards, which includes information about simulated practice learning, safeguarding and midwifery practice placements. This information is updated regularly.

Our supporting information sets out possible ways that our standards may be met, but they are not a series of expectations for what ‘must’ be done. They are merely a guide to help AEIs in providing programmes that will give students the right skills and knowledge to meet our standards of proficiency.  

Visit our standards for education and training supporting information hub

We have also written supporting information for some of our standards relating to student supervision and assessment. This information is updated regularly.

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We also have information and resources which are aimed to help you put our Standards of proficiency for midwives into practice.

Explore our nursing proficiency resources

Our education programme standards webinars 

We hosted a series of webinars to help outline the changes we made to the education standards in 2023 following the departure of the UK from the EU.  

The updated standards for pre-registration nursing programmes: what do the changes mean for you? 

This webinar was designed to clearly outline and explain the changes made to nursing and nursing associate programme standards so that AEIs have the ability to make relevant updates to their programmes as outlined in our new standards. 

Webinar slide deck

The new standards for simulated learning: what do the changes mean for you? 

This webinar was designed to clearly outline and explain the changes being made to simulated practice learning for nursing programmes only. 

Webinar slide deck

How our standards were developed

Since 2016 we have been developing our standards with input from stakeholders across the UK.

Find out more about how our standards were developed