Early reviews

Reference: REV-2b

Last Updated 28/07/2017


The need for an interim order is kept under review. We continually risk assess new information and will refer a case for an early review if it is required.

In general, when we receive requests for an early review from a nurse or midwife we will arrange a review hearing. However, we will not accept such requests when:

  • the nurse or midwife has requested a review because they are generally dissatisfied with the outcome of a previous hearing. Where this is the case, the nurse or midwife can apply to the High Court (in England and Wales), the Court of Session in Scotland, or the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland to terminate the order
  • there does not appear to be any relevant new information for the panel to consider.

If we receive information that implies that the original interim order is not appropriate then we will schedule a review. We could receive information that suggests a more restrictive, or conversely, a less restrictive measure is needed to manage any risk to patients or the wider public interest.

Where new evidence relevant to the interim order has become available after it has been made, the interim order must be reviewed by a panel. In these circumstances we will refer the matter to the panel for consideration at an early review hearing ahead of the usual six month review date.

Examples of cases where we would schedule an early review are:

  • when we receive information that suggests that conditions imposed as part of an interim order are unworkable
  • when the nurse or midwife was unable to attend the initial interim order hearing or provide detailed submissions to the panel, and is now in a position to do so
  • when we receive information that suggests that the interim order has been breached
  • when we receive new information, that affects the previously identified risk. For example multiple referrals.