Reference: CAS-2a

Last Updated 12/10/2018

The purpose of advice

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Advice is given privately to the nurse, midwife or nursing associate to help them to avoid future incidents which could call into question their fitness to practise. This is different to warnings which are given publicly.

Case examiners can give advice if the nurse, midwife or nursing associate accepts the basis of our regulatory concern.

When we may give advice to resolve a case

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We wouldn’t investigate a case unless the concern about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s practice appeared serious enough to call into question their fitness to practise.

Because of this, advice is most likely to be given in cases where a regulatory concern, which appeared serious enough to meet the test for investigation, has fallen away during the course of our investigation, leaving only minor breaches of the Code.

What advice we give

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Case examiners will give advice to a nurse, midwife or nursing associate to remind them of their obligations under the Code. They may also signpost to relevant guidance or standards that may help the nurse, midwife or nursing associate keep their practice safe in the future, where appropriate.

The guidance in our library, needs to be read alongside our NMC Guidance during the Covid-19 emergency period. We have new rules that are in force during the period of  the coronavirus emergency that are relevant to how it applies.

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