Review of striking-off orders

Reference: REV-3d

Last Updated 28/07/2017


A striking-off order lasts five years, and a nurse or midwife who has been struck of the register, may not apply to go back on the register until this time has passed (‘restoration’). An exception to this rule is when they are seeking a review because new evidence, relevant to the order, has become available since the order was made. The right to request a review of a striking-off order should not be confused with the right to appeal. A nurse or midwife has 28 days, on receiving a panel’s decision, to appeal. An application for a review of a striking-off order can be made at any time during the life of an order. 

When we receive an application to review a striking-off order, we carefully consider the merits of the application. If the evidence submitted as part of this application is evidence that was not available at the time of the original hearing, and could have made a real difference to the panel’s final decision, then we will refer the application to the relevant practice committee. 

Applications referred to a practice committee panel for review will follow the same procedure as set out for restoration hearings. Reviews will be considered in a meeting unless the nurse or midwife has indicated that they would like to appear before the panel.