Consensual panel determination

Reference: DMA-1

Last Updated 31/08/2018

We use consensual panel determination to resolve cases by agreement or ‘consent’. It avoids unnecessary full hearings and means that witnesses do not have to attend. It also means that cases are concluded quicker.

When a nurse, midwife or nursing assocaite indicates that they would like to resolve their case by consent, they must accept the facts of the allegation and that their fitness to practise is impaired. We will then agree what the appropriate level of sanction is with the nurse, midwife or nursing associate.

If we are able to agree on the sanction, we will then prepare a provisional written agreement, using our statement of case as a basic starting point.

The agreement will set out the agreed facts, agreed reasoning on impaired fitness to practise, and the agreed sanction, with reasons. 

It is signed by us and the nurse, midwife or nursing associate. We will then list the case for a hearing or meeting for a panel to consider the agreement. The panel makes the final decision about the outcome of the case.

The guidance in our library, needs to be read alongside our NMC Guidance during the Covid-19 emergency period. We have new rules that are in force during the period of  the coronavirus emergency that are relevant to how it applies.

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