The student at the centre of learning

Reference: SE1

Last Updated 22/03/2019

Students should be empowered to take control of and responsibility for their own learning, and to self-direct their learning if safe and appropriate.

They should be provided with opportunities to develop their own practice and to work towards becoming independent, reflective and professional practitioners.

Public protection must always be upheld. Students should be provided with the right support to empower them to take responsibility for their learning without compromising public protection.

What this means will be dependent on a number of different things, such as the course of study the student is on, their level of achievement, confidence and competence, and any adjustments they may need.

Relevant NMC standards for this section:

Standards framework for nursing and midwifery education: S1.1, S1.2 (page 6), R2.2 (page 7), S3.2 (page 9), R3.13, R3.14 (page 10)

Standards for student supervision and assessment: 1.7 (page 5)

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