Effective learning experiences

Reference: LE1-B

Last Updated 01/03/2019

Effective learning places the student at the centre of the learning experience. Students are given the opportunities and space to take responsibility for their own learning, to seek out learning experiences and develop their own practice, without compromising public safety. The level or form of practice supervision can decrease or change with the student’s increasing proficiency and confidence.

An effective learning environment is one which provides opportunities for meaningful learning experiences that contribute to a student meeting their learning outcomes. This can mean a variety of things depending on the student’s learning outcomes, their stage of learning, and the environment in which they are learning.

An effective learning experience can take place across different environments, allowing students to learn and consolidate a set of skills across different settings and situations. Learning experiences should include the full spectrum of care relevant to the student’s area or field of practice.

The culture within an effective learning environment values learning, and all people within the learning environment should understand their role in enabling learning.

An effective learning experience also takes account of any equality and diversity considerations, or reasonable adjustments that need to be made to student learning and assessment.

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