What our standards say

Reference: PA4-A

Last Updated 19/12/2018

We have several requirements in this area that must be met. The following standard is particularly relevant:

Standards framework for nursing and midwifery education:

Approved education institutions, together with practice learning partners, must ensure that all educators and assessors:

R4.4: have supported time and resources to enable them to fulfil their roles in addition to their other professional responsibilities

This standard sets out our expectations of the supported time and resources provided for practice assessors. What ‘supported time and resources’ means will be different depending on the needs and ability of individual practice assessors, student learning needs and programme outcomes, and any equality and diversity considerations.

It’s the AEI’s responsibility, with its practice learning partners, to ensure the supported time and resources provided for practice assessors upholds public protection and enables them to carry out a reliable and evidenced based assessment.

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