What do practice assessors do?

Reference: PA3

Last Updated 19/12/2018

Practice assessors assess and confirm the student’s achievement of practice learning for a placement or a series of placements.

This does not mean that practice assessors must make an assessment of each individual environment or placement. Practice assessors do not need to be physically based or employed in each or any of the environments in which the student is placed. The practice assessor assesses the students overall performance for their practice learning, taking account of whether or not the relevant proficiencies and programmes outcomes have been met, and if they display the required values of their profession. They must have sufficient opportunities to observe the student across environments in order to inform their decisions.

A nominated practice assessor will also work with the nominated academic assessor to make a recommendation for student progression. However not all practice assessors will be required to perform this aspect of the role.

The links below contain more information about practice assessor responsibilities including their possible role in assessment for progression.

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