Support for the practice supervisor role

Reference: PS4

Last Updated 23/07/2018

Practice supervisors must be given the ongoing support and time necessary for them to develop and perform their role, and to train as needed. This support can take a number of forms but must allow for our standards to be met and for practice supervisors to prepare for and contribute to student learning and assessment.

Where possible, it should be tailored to the practice supervisor’s needs and requirements and the setting they work in. It should include any reasonable adjustments or equality and diversity considerations that may need to be met.

Relevant NMC standards for this section:

Standards for student supervision and assessment: 1.5 (page 5), 2.3 (page 6), 4.3 (page 7)

Standards framework for nursing and midwifery education: R1.5 (page 6), R1.6 (page 6), R1.7 (page 6), R2.1 (page 7), R4.4 (page 11)

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