Safe and effective learning

Reference: LE1

Last Updated 01/03/2019

Safe and effective learning experiences uphold public protection and the safety and dignity of people, and provide students with suitable learning opportunities to help them to meet their learning outcomes.

Transferability and use of documentation  

A key part of safe and effective learning is the use of appropriate documentation, and the transferability of this documentation across environments.

Good learning experiences can’t be delivered without an understanding of student learning and achievement across their programme. Decisions on student assessment must also be underpinned by appropriate documentation and evidence.

The AEI, with its practice learning partners, should have processes to ensure that the appropriate student records, for example a practice assessment document or ongoing record of achievement, are in place and available for use across relevant environments.

Relevant NMC standards for this section:

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Standards for pre-registration nursing programmes: 4.10 (page 11)

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