What it means to have a nominated assessor for 'each part'

Reference: AC1-B

Last Updated 06/02/2019

Academic assessors are assigned to a student for part of a programme. A part of the programme means the period for which a decision on student progression needs to be made.

A part could be one academic ‘term’ or ‘year’ or any other way in which the AEI decides to structure the programme. The part may be determined by overall course length and level of programme i.e. if it is a pre-registration or a post-registration programme, and any other considerations that the AEI and their practice learning partners might wish to think about when they develop the programme.

Students should be assigned to a different academic assessor for each part of the programme. There are different ways to implement this requirement. For example, in a course with three ‘parts’ it may be possible for a student to be assigned to the same academic assessor in parts one and three, provided the student is assigned to a different academic assessor in part two. How this will be managed will be up the AEI to decide, provided that a student is not assigned to the same academic assessor throughout the programme, or in concurrent parts. 

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