What is current knowledge and experience?

Reference: PS1-C

Last Updated 23/07/2018

Standards for student supervision and assessment:

Approved education institutions, together with practice learning partners, must ensure that practice supervisors:

3.2 support learning in line with their scope of practice to enable the student to meet their learning outcomes

3.4 have current knowledge and experience of the area in which they are providing support, supervision and feedback

If a registered professional is competent in an area of practice, they should be able to supervise and support a nursing or midwifery student for that area, providing feedback on their progress towards, and achievement of, proficiencies and skills. The practice supervisor’s knowledge and experience should enable the student to meet their learning needs and outcomes, and enhance the student learning experience.

What this means in practice may differ depending on a number of different factors, such as the student’s overall capability (competence) and learning needs, and the scope of practice of the individual practice supervisor.

It’s the AEI’s responsibility, with its practice learning partners, to determine what this might mean in practice, provided public protection is upheld and students are supported to meet their learning outcomes.

Practice supervisors should be able to judge whether their own knowledge and experience is relevant for the students they are supervising. For nurses and midwives this aligns with Standard 13 in the Code.

The Code:

13: Recognise and work within the limits of your competence

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