Safe learning experiences

Reference: LE1-A

Last Updated 01/03/2019

Safe learning experiences promote and preserve the safety of everyone involved. Public safety includes making sure that people are informed about and empowered to be part of their care. People should be given the opportunity to give and if required, withdraw, their informed consent to students being involved in their care.

A safe learning experience is dependent on both the safety of the learning environment(s) and the culture within it. All learning environments should meet the relevant standards and regulatory requirements for the course that is being delivered.

People must be protected from potential harm that may arise from a students practice. This includes students being given the correct training and preparation for practice learning and making sure students are not placed with patients whose needs are outside of their capability, without appropriate support and supervision.

In a safe learning environment students must also be protected from potential risks to their safety, while having opportunities to practise the skills required to build proficiency.

The AEI, with its practice learning partners, should prioritise safety and have processes in place to make sure that learning environments, and the culture within them, are safe for students to learn in.

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