Providing inclusive and tailored learning experiences that enable students to meet their learning outcomes

Reference: PS3-B

Last Updated 23/07/2018

Practice supervisors provide learning experiences for nursing and midwifery students within the practice learning environment.

Learning experiences could include:

  • providing and facilitating opportunities for students to practise skills
  • sharing knowledge with the student and effectively demonstrating how to put that knowledge into practice safely
  • observing students
  • giving constructive feedback on student performance
  • empowering students to take advantage of available resources and learning opportunities
  • delegating learning opportunities to other practice supervisors and anyone else who may suitably enable learning
  • providing opportunities for students to learn ‘independently’ through less ‘hands on’ supervision, where appropriate
  • empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning.

It’s up to the AEI and its practice learning partners to decide whether a learning experience is ‘suitable’ or not. They should be able to demonstrate that the learning experiences uphold public protection and enable students to meet their learning outcomes.

When providing learning experiences the practice supervisor should draw on their knowledge and experience to judge what may be appropriate for each student or environment.

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