A practice assessor for a placement or a series of placements

Reference: PA1-B

Last Updated 19/12/2018

Practice assessors can be assigned to a student for a placement or a series of placements. This can mean that they will be assigned to a student for a single placement, more than one placement, or for the whole of the academic or practice year.

It is the responsibility of the AEI, with their practice learning partners, to decide for how long a practice assessor should be assigned to a student. In doing this, they may want to take into account the following:

  • Public protection
  • Any standards that relate to the practice assessor role
  • The skills and availability of individual assessors
  • The student’s course outcomes
  • The student’s learning needs
  • Course and placement organisation, for example how many placements there are, or the location and type of the placements.

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