Collation and confirmation of academic learning

Reference: AC3-A

Last Updated 06/02/2019

Each academic assessor is responsible for collating and confirming the achievement of proficiencies and programmes outcomes in academic learning for the students they are assigned to. They may be an academic assessor for several students across different cohorts or even different programmes.

A good collation and confirmation is based on assessments and information which are objective and fair.

Collation and confirmation should be continuous throughout the time in which an academic assessor is assigned to a student. The academic assessor should be up to date on the progress of the student they are assigned to; collation of information on a student’s performance should be managed in a way that enables this.  

Feedback to the student about their achievement, and working with them to review possible areas for improvement, also forms a fundamental part of the collation, confirmation, and assessment process. The process and form of feedback should follow the relevant AEI processes.

In order to make a recommendation for progression the academic assessor must make a judgment about student achievement in the academic environment based on the collation and confirmation of their academic learning. The academic assessor should take into account the student’s history of achievement throughout the programme and across theory and practice.

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