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What we publish

Our register tells us how many nurses and midwives in the United Kingdom (UK) and nursing associates in England are currently able to practise.

We publish data from our register every six months.

Our annual reports cover the 12 month period from April to March every year, but we also publish a mid-year report covering the sixth month period from April to September.

As well as the size of the register, our reports show the number of joiners and leavers, a breakdown of the register by age and field of practice, and much more.

The big picture

The number of nurses, midwives and nursing associates on the NMC register has grown to more than 758,000. That’s the highest level ever, and it’s good news given all of the pressures of the last two years. But on a more cautious note, the number of people leaving the register has also started to rise.

Please see more detail in the reports below.

Latest report

Annual data report - March 2022

Full UK report

Breakdown by country of registered address

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