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Revalidation reports

Read the latest data on revalidation

Revalidation is the process that all nurses and midwives in the UK and nursing associates in England need to follow to maintain their registration with us.

Since it was introduced in April 2016, more than 600,000 nurses and midwives have renewed their registration through the revalidation.

Annual reports

We share the data we collect on revalidation every year in our annual reports, which now include analysis on employment, practice and work settings.

We use this information to monitor how the process is going and see where we can make improvements to support the professionals on our register.

We've also commissioned Ipsos MORI to carry out an independent evaluation of revalidation for its first three years.

Latest reports

Year 3 annual revalidation report

Our third annual report shows that during 2018-19 the average revalidation rate was 94% across the UK, with over 200,000 nurses and midwives successfully revalidating.

Download the Year 3 annual revalidation report to get more interesting insights.

Read this alongside our Year 3 revalidation data tables which details all of the data that we're publishing.


Year 3 independent revalidation evaluation report

The third and final evaluation report from Ipsos MORI reflects on year 3 and the feedback from those going through revalidation.

It also sets out some recommendations based on this feedback.

Download the Year 3 independent revalidation evaluation report to find out more.

Previous reports

Year 2 annual revalidation report

Year 2 independent revalidation evaluation report

Year 1 annual revalidation report

Year 1 independent revalidation evaluation report

Quarterly reports

Our quarterly reports give a high level overview of the number of nurses and midwives going through the revalidation process.

Year 2

Quarters 1 and 2 - April to September 2017

Year 1

Quarter 4 - January to March 2017

Quarter 3 - October to December 2016

Quarter 2 - July to September 2016

Quarter 1 - April to June 2016