Practice-related feedback

Last Updated 26/05/2021


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You must have obtained five pieces of practice-related feedback in the three year period since your registration was last renewed or you joined the register.

Meeting the requirement

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As a nurse, midwife or nursing associate it is likely that you already receive a range of feedback, and the five pieces of feedback you collect can come from a variety of sources and in a variety of forms.

It can be written or verbal, formal or informal. It may come from patients and service users, colleagues and management. It can also include feedback from team performance reports or your annual appraisal.

We recommend that you keep a note of the content of any feedback you receive, including how you used it to improve your practice. 

Be careful not to record any information which may identify another person. You may find the section on non-identifiable information in How to revalidate with the NMC useful.

Resources and templates

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Practice-related feedback log template (recommended)

You can use this template to record your feedback.

Examples of completed forms and templates

We have lots of resources to help you get the best from revalidation.
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