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Last Updated 26/05/2021

Before you start

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Your online application opens 60 days before your revalidation application date.

Once you've met the revalidation requirements and had your confirmation discussion, you can start your application. Read our revalidation guidance to make sure you're prepared.

Watch this short film for a step by step guide to the online process:

Start your application

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To start your application, log into NMC Online.

You can reset your password if you've forgotten your details. If you do not have an account you can create one - you'll need your NMC Pin to do this.

Things you will need

  • Your portfolio of evidence: You will be asked to confirm that you have met each of the revalidation requirements - you should have your portfolio of evidence with you to do this.
  • Name and contact details of your reflective discussion partner and confirmer.

You do not need to upload any evidence as part of this process.

You also do not have to complete it in one go - you can save your progress and come back to it at another time. Just make sure to submit your application before your revalidation application date.

Paying your fee

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We can't process your revalidation application until we receive your fee.

If you don't have a Direct Debit set up, you'll be taken to a payment page when you submit your application.

If you do have a Direct Debit set up, it will be collected as normal and you do not need to change anything.

Confirming your renewal

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Once we receive both your revalidation application and your fee, we'll email you to confirm that your registration has been renewed. This can take up to two days.

If you pay by Direct Debit, please allow five days after payment has been collected to receive your confirmation email.

You can then log back onto your NMC Online account to see your confirmed registration status.

You should keep your revalidation evidence and the contact details of the people you had your reflective and confirmation discussions with safely filed, as you may need to refer to them again.


We may ask you to give more information about your application. This process is known as verification.

We have lots of resources to help you get the best from revalidation.
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