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Please visit nmc.org.uk/COVID19 for information about temporary registration and changes to how we’re operating during this time.


How to revalidate during Covid-19

Revalidation is a key part of your professional life: it helps you to maintain safe and effective practice by supporting you to update your knowledge and develop new skills.

However, during the emergency we recognise that there are some factors that may make it difficult for you to complete your revalidation.

We’ve put together a document on how we'll support you to meet the requirements.

How to revalidate during Covid-19 (Cymraeg)

This document is also for those who support people on our register to meet the requirements, including confirmers, reflective discussion partners and employers. Please share this with them if you think it would be helpful.

Our revalidation requirements don’t apply to people on the temporary register.

Deadline extensions

If you don’t need an extension and are able to revalidate on time, please do so.

12-week extension

Due to revalidate in March to June 2020

We have automatically extended revalidation application dates by 12 weeks for anyone who was due to revalidate in March, April, May and June 2020.

You should have received an email with your new revalidation extension application date, but you might also receive reminder emails from us which refer to your old revalidation date. Please ignore the old application date on these automated reminder emails.

Due to revalidate from July to December 2020

If you need more time to complete your application, you can request a 12-week extension through your NMC Online account once your revalidation application is open.

Due to revalidate from January 2021

If you need more time to complete your application, you can request a 8-week extension through your NMC Online account once your revalidation application is open. You’ll need to give a reason why the extension is needed. We'll consider your request on a case by case basis.

Further 12-week extension

If you were due to revalidate in March and April 2020, we'll automatically extend the time by a further 12 weeks if you cannot submit your revalidation application within your first 12-week extension. You will get an email with your new revalidation extension date.

If you are due to revalidate from May to September 2020 and you need a second extension, we'll contact you with details on how you can request a further 12-week extension if your ability to revalidate has been affected by Covid-19. You will need to declare that your confirmer supports your request.

You won’t be able to request a second extension if you are due to revalidate from October 2020 onwards.

Verifying your application

Every year we select a sample of revalidation applications and request further information so we can verify the information provided.

We’ve temporarily suspended this verification process throughout the Covid-19 emergency, but we’re planning to resume this for applications due in January 2021 onwards.

Paying your fee

If we grant you an extension to help you to meet the revalidation requirements, please pay your annual fee as normal before your original expiry date.

It’s not possible to set up a direct debit within your extended revalidation period. If you want to set up a direct debit to spread the cost of your fee, you must do this before your original expiry date.

If you have a direct debit in place, your fee will be collected as normal. If you cancel your direct debit and enter your extended revalidation period you will not be able to set up a new direct debit and will have to pay by card.

Find out more about paying your fee.