Working with us when managing concerns

Last Updated 09/05/2022


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We want to work more closely with you to help resolve as many issues as possible locally, quickly and effectively.

This is part of our new approach to fitness to practise.

Get advice

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We know there will always be times when you want to talk things through.

For example, you might think a possible referral is ‘borderline’ and that a little more guidance would be helpful. Or you may just want us to confirm your own conclusions.

Whatever the situation, we strongly encourage you to always speak with one of our experienced Regulation Advisers before making a referral to us.

Please get in touch with us by either calling on 020 7462 8850 (phone line open between: 9:00 - 17:00) or by email.

Somebody in our team will ask you for:

  • your name, job title, place of work, phone number and email address
  • details about the issue and your reasons for seeking advice from us 
  • the name and PIN of the nurse, midwife or nursing associate.

Our Employer Link Service works with employers across health and social care in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. You can find your local Regulation Adviser on the table below:

Employer Link Service

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We also offer inductions about fitness to practise, these are for senior members of your nursing and midwifery teams, such as Chief Nurses, or Directors or Heads of nursing and midwifery.

We also provide group learning sessions about fitness to practise and our other core regulatory functions, including the Code and our education standards.

To find out more, please get in touch by emailing us.

If you’d like to share information about our services for employers with your organisation in print, you can download the printer-friendly leaflet on our service for employers.

Region Name Contact details
Northern Ireland Pamela Craig
Scotland Linda Martin
Wales Sharon Clement-Thomas
North West and Isle of Man Paula Palmer-Charlery
North East Kristian Garsed
East of England Kate Lettin
Midlands Tony Newman
London David Taylor
South East David Porter
South West, Jersey and Guernsey Michele Harrison
Independent Loucia Kyprianou
Principal Regulation Adviser Linda Kenward
Principal Regulation Adviser Mark Brooke

Engaging with us

As the professional regulator for nurses and midwives and nursing associates we must respond to concerns brought to our attention which fall within our remit regarding:

  • the practice or conduct of any of the professionals on our register
  • an environment deemed unsafe for students, or  not appropriate or effective for student learning
  • issues relating to registration, such as people practising while not on the register, without indemnity or having joined the register without meeting our registration requirements.

If you have any concerns or any concerns are raised with you about any of the above, it’s your responsibility as an employer to be open and proactive in your response to concerns and to decide whether to refer professionals on our register to us. 

Our employer resource has been developed to support you to effectively respond to concerns about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s conduct or practice.  We would also encourage you to speak with our Employer Link Service for advice on making a referral, if necessary.

Where we become aware of the types of concerns raised above, we may contact you to request information. In that event, we ask you to respond to our enquiries as quickly as possible so that we can make decisions without delay.  

We always welcome proactive communication from employers at the earliest stage that concerns arise so that we can decide the most appropriate action to address any concerns. 

Want to download and print whole sections of the resource? Visit the downloads page.