Concluding your investigation

Last Updated 02/02/2021

A good investigation ends with a report giving clearly-stated findings of fact.

As far as possible, the report should show that all relevant evidence has been considered thoroughly and fairly. The factual findings are the basis for an action plan.

Making sure your response is fair and proportionate

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In some cases, your investigation may lead to a disciplinary process, possibly with formal actions. We know that disciplinary actions can take a toll on a person’s mental health, particularly if they’re not fair and proportionate.

You’ll want to reflect on whether the proposed disciplinary action is a proportionate and justifiable response. Sanctions shouldn’t be decided by one person alone, or by anyone who may have an actual or perceived conflict of interest. 

Developing an action plan

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The factual findings of your investigation are the basis for an action plan.

In developing an action plan, consider if:

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