How to make a referral

Last Updated 02/02/2021

If you decide that you need to make a referral (or have consulted our advice line and been advised to refer), take a look at our guidance. This explains how to complete our online referral form.

We can only investigate and reach a decision in a case if we have sufficient evidence of the concerns. You’ll need to submit all relevant information when you make the referral.

This may include patient records, investigation reports, decision letters and any action plans put in place for an individual. Providing as much information as possible from the outset will help avoid delays and will reduce the need for us to repeatedly seek further information from you.

When conducting a local investigation, you should make sure all evidence and decisions are well-documented. If a referral is made, this documentation will be important information for us to consider.

We have powers under Article 25(1) of the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 to require employers to provide information and documents which appear relevant to our investigation.

If we do ask you for further information, we may ask you to provide this quickly, particularly if we need to seek an interim order to prevent any immediate risks to people who use services.

Your swift response will enable us to reach a decision as quickly as possible for the nurse, midwife or nursing associate and all others involved in the fitness to practise process.

Our Employer Link Service is available to help you decide whether to make a referral and provide further guidance about what you need to submit.

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