Guiding principles of a good local investigation into concerns about someone’s practice

Last Updated 27/12/2019

With the help of our professionals, regulatory partners and patient representatives, we’ve identified 10 guiding principles of a good investigation into concerns about a nurse, midwife, or nursing associate’s practice. You might find these useful if you have determined that a formal investigation is necessary.

These principles aren’t meant to tell you how to do an investigation. They’re high level principles for you to consider alongside your own local processes and polices (including any relevant requirements under employment or data protection laws).

Our guiding principles: 

If you need to refer a concern to us, following these principles will help to make sure that your investigation will give us the information we need to reach a decision more quickly.

It’s important to note that not all concerns about someone’s practice will need to be investigated formally. Your organisation’s processes should determine when to start an investigation. Clear and transparent processes will help make sure that any decision to investigate is fair, proportionate and justified.

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