Considering evidence of insight and remediation

Last Updated 02/02/2021

We want to assure nurses, midwives and nursing associates that our role isn’t to punish people for mistakes.

This will support them to be open and honest when something goes wrong and help to promote a culture that supports learning, not blame. This is more likely to lead to safe care.

As an employer, you should take into account any evidence of the person’s insight and actions taken to put things right when deciding whether to make a referral to us.

You may not need to refer a concern related to clinical errors or other mistakes made in someone’s practice if the individual has demonstrated insight and is willing to take steps, or has taken steps, to fully address the concern. This will mean:

  • there’s no longer a risk to the public and people who use services (for example, where the individual has undertaken retraining and has demonstrated competence)
  • the individual has been open about what went wrong
  • the individual can show what they’ve learned from it.

To learn more about how we consider insight and strengthened practice in fitness to practise cases, see our guidance on insight and strengthened practice.

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