Last Updated 02/02/2021

When a concern is raised about someone’s practice, it’s important for you to respond in a way that promotes learning and openness. We know that fear of being blamed or punished can stop people from speaking up and learning from mistakes.

Nursing and midwifery professionals will value being treated fairly and being supported to put things right. And people who use services will value being listened to and having open and honest communications.

We value and recognise that your approach to local investigations is an important part of establishing a just culture in your organisation. We believe a just culture is one that balances fairness, learning, and accountability. It also makes sure that all nursing and midwifery colleagues are treated equally.

Based on our collaboration with employers, professionals, our regulatory partners and representatives of people who use services across the UK, and drawing on our own experiences in fitness to practise cases, we’ve set out things we think are important for you to consider when conducting a local investigation into concerns about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s practice.

They’re also based on our work with wider professionals, partners and representatives of people who use services to identify best practice. We thought you might find it helpful to have some principles to support you in managing concerns about agency and bank staff, so we’ve included some information on that.

This isn’t a guide about how to do an investigation. Instead, it sets out high level principles that you might want to consider along side your own local processes and policies, or national requirements (including any relevant requirements under employment or data protection laws).

Using this resource will help you give us relevant information if you need to make a referral to us. It will also help us to respond quickly and proportionately.

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