Listen to people who use services, keep them informed, and take their information and views into account

Last Updated 02/02/2021

When investigating concerns about a professional’s practice, think about the members of the public who may have been affected, physically and/or emotionally. It will be important to listen to their concerns, communicate openly and honestly and keep them well informed about the progress of an investigation. How will they be involved in the investigation, and how can you support them?

Consider, for example:

  • whether they’ll be asked to contribute to the terms of reference or investigation plan
  • how and when will you update them on your progress and actions? And does this meet their needs?
  • how, when and where will they be able to contribute their views and experience in a way that’s supportive and encourages openness?

It’s important to keep people who use services and families informed, and to be compassionate and honest. This includes managing people’s expectations about how their input will be taken into account. Also think about how to balance transparency with confidentiality, considering relevant data protection legislation.

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