If someone is supporting you with your registration application, you can give them access to your application status.

You can nominate an individual, agency representative or employer to have this access.

They will get a read only view of your application tracker so they can see the current stage and status. They won’t be able to make changes on your behalf.  

Read this guide in full to understand how sharing your application status works and how to manage access to it.

Nominating a third party

Log in to your NMC Online account to nominate a third party.

You will see a section called ‘sharing your application status’. Follow the link to open the nomination page.

You can nominate up to a maximum of three third parties to view your application status. You can nominate them all at the same time or separately.

Make sure you have the correct email address of the third party.

We’ll send them a link to create their account once you submit their details. You will not be able to update the email address after you submit. If the email address is incorrect you will need to remove access via your NMC Online account and then complete a new nomination with the correct email address.

Type of access

All nominated third parties will be able to view your application status online. If you also want them to contact us by phone or email about your application, you can give them this access when making your nomination.

What they will see

Once your nominated third party verifies their account they will have access to your application status. See our guidance for those supporting overseas applicants.

This is a read-only view. Third parties are not allowed to make changes or submit information on your behalf.

They will see:

  • Name of applicant - your full name
  • PRN - your PRN number
  • Telephone authorisation - if you’ve given them permission to contact us by phone or email about your application
  • Application type – the type of application that you have open e.g. midwife (RM)
  • Current stage – where in the process your application is right now e.g. Eligibility and qualification
  • Current status –who the application is with e.g. you, a third party verifier or the NMC
  • Preview section– a summary of the outcomes of the current stage of your application; they’ll be able access your full application tracker from a link in this section

Once your application is complete and you are registered, your details will no longer appear on the third party portal.

Information about your registration status is available on our published register and will not be viewable on the third party portal.

Managing access to your application status

When you click on the link in the ‘sharing your application status’ section of your home page, you will be able to see a list of all your authorised third parties.

The list will show you the following:

  • Name: their full name
  • Organisation: if third party is an agency or employer
  • Email address: the address you gave us when you nominated them
  • Allowed to discuss application by phone: a tick or cross to show if you’ve given them phone and email access
  • Last access: the date they last checked your application status
  • Remove access: a button which will allow you to remove access from that third party

Pending authorisation status

If your nominated third party hasn’t received the invitation email, hasn’t set up their account or verified their account yet, you will see a ‘pending authorisation’ status by their name.

You can resend the invitation email to them if they need it.

If they change their details

If a third party changes their name or organisation name we’ll email you to let you know. You will see their updated details on your list of authorised third parties.

If they need to update their email address you will need to re-nominate them using the new email address. You can remove their previous nomination using the ‘remove access’ function.

Removing access

You can remove a third party’s access to your application status at any time.

You will see a ‘remove access’ button next to their details. When you click this, we’ll ask you to confirm that you want to remove access for that third party. We’ll also ask you if you want us to inform the third party that their access has been removed.

Once you confirm we’ll update the portal immediately and they will no longer be able to view your application status. Their details will also be removed from your list of authorised third parties.

If you choose to inform the third party, we’ll send them an email to let them know.

We cannot reverse this if you change your mind or remove their access in error. You will need to re-nominate them in order for us to restore their access to your application status.