Why we ask for this

We need to know that your qualification will or has allowed you to register in the country you trained in. We’ll contact your regulator to confirm this. 

The easiest way to show this is to provide evidence you registered using your qualification in your country of training.

If you do not hold a qualification that meets this eligibility criteria, we won’t be able to consider your application and it will be closed.

You will need to

1. Upload a copy of your qualification certificate

You'll need to upload a copy of the original qualification certificate you were given when you completed your course.

This should be the certificate for the qualification you're relying on to register with us.

Your name, the name of the qualification and the date you were awarded the qualification should be clearly visible on the certificate.

2. Tell us your education institution's details (if you have never been registered)

You’ll need to provide the name, address and contact email address for your education institution.

You must confirm you have consent to share their details with us.

Your education institution will need to:

  • check the information you’ve provided about your qualification
  • confirm if it matches their records or if it does not
  • if they’re able to, let us know whether it would allow you to register with the relevant professional regulator

If you have been registered

If you are or were previously registered in your country of training, we’ll also ask you for the name of your regulator and a copy of your registration certificate.

We’ll then contact your regulator to confirm the details you have provided and to check if you meet our eligibility criteria.

If you have not been registered

If you have not previously registered in your country of training, we’ll ask you for the name of your regulator you could register with.

We’ll then contact the regulator to confirm that your qualification would allow you to register with them to check if you meet our eligibility criteria. If your regulator is unable to confirm this, for example if you have not completed a registration examination, we may not be able to accept your eligibility application.

Things to be aware of

I don't have my original qualification certificate

We recommend you contact your education institution directly to get another copy or a statement from them confirming the qualification you completed.

My certificate is not in English

For every document that is not in English, you must provide:

  • the original document
  • a photocopy of the original document stamped and signed by a translation service
  • a complete and accurate English translation with the photocopy of the original document, also stamped and signed by the translation service.
  • the contact details of the translation service or translator used.

We won't be able to accept your document without these.

My name is different on my qualification evidence

You’ll need to upload further evidence if your qualification is in a different name to the one on your application, so we can see why you’ve changed your name and confirm your identity.

Examples of further evidence include a marriage, civil partnership or divorce certificate, or a deed poll notification.

Your name change evidence should be issued by the relevant official body and should clearly show your previous and new name(s). You can upload a scanned copy, but we’ll need to see the original version at your face-to-face verification check.

My regulator no longer issues certificates

If your regulator no longer issues registration certificates, we recommend you upload a statement of entry to the register from your regulator instead.

Contact your verifiers before you begin

Make sure you contact your referees or verifiers before submitting your application to let them know you’re applying for registration with us, get consent to share their contact details with us and make sure you’re providing the correct details.

Your application may be delayed if you don’t contact them, as we’ll only be able to evaluate your qualification once we’ve received the information we need from your referees or verifiers.