Why we ask for evidence

We need to be satisfied about the identity of those on our register, so we ask for evidence of this during registration.

You will need to

1. Enter your passport details

We'll ask you to provide your passport details.

Your passport should be valid at the time you submit your upload.

2. Upload a copy of your passport

We'll ask you to upload a copy of the picture page of your passport.

Make sure your scan is clear before you upload it and that your name and photo are clearly visible.

My name is different on my passport

You’ll need to upload further evidence if your application is in a different name to the one on your passport, so we can see why you’ve changed your name and confirm your identity.

Examples of further evidence include a marriage, civil partnership or divorce certificate, or a deed pool notification.

Your name change evidence should be issued by the relevant official body and should clearly show your previous and new name(s).

You can upload a scanned copy, but we’ll need to see the original version at your face-to-face verification check. 

Changing your personal details

If you need to change your contact details during the application process, you can do so by logging into your NMC Online account.

If you change your name during this time, you’ll be able to update this during the Final Declaration stage of the application process which is the last one before registration is granted.