Please visit for information about our recent announcements including temporary registration and changes to how we’re operating during this time.


The Government has introduced emergency legislation. This lets us temporarily register fit, proper and suitably experienced professionals who want to practise and feel able to support the Covid-19 emergency situation.

We launched our Covid-19 temporary register on Friday 27 March 2020. Temporary registration is separate from full registration and will come to end when the temporary register closes. The emergency legislation sets out that this will be when the Secretary of State notifies us that the emergency situation has ended. We are currently working with the government to ensure the notice period for these changes is as long as possible. You can read our full temporary registration policy for more information. 


Who can join this register

In line with our Covid-19 emergency temporary registration policy and our joint statements on expanding the nursing and midwifery workforce, we’ve identified differnt groups of people who may be suitable for temporary registration.

To ensure we build up the temporary register in a safe and measured way, we've invited these groups to join one by one.

Order of inviting groups of people onto the temporary register

Group(s) of people

When we invited them to join

Nurses and midwives who left the register within the last three years

From Thursday 19 March 2020

Overseas applicants, including both nurses and midwives, who have completed all parts of their NMC registration process except their OSCE

From Monday 6 April 2020

Nurses and midwives who have left the register within the last four and five years.

From Wednesday 15 April 2020

Joining the temporary register

We've emailed people in these groups, using the details we have on record, with instructions on how they can join the temporary register.

If you did not get an email

Find out more about joining the temporary register:

Nursing students in the final six months of programme

Under our emergency powers, we're able to establish a specific nursing student part to the Covid-19 temporary register for nursing students in the final six months of their programme.

With the support of the four UK Chief Nursing Officers, the Council of Deans of Health, the Royal Colleges and the trade unions, we've closely monitored the ongoing and future workforce requirements and the progression of the pandemic.

Informed by the views of these partners and our assessment of the current situation, we’ve made the decision not to open up the temporary register to nursing students.

Find out more about our reasons for this and the current options for students.

Answering your questions

Why have I received an equality and diversity survey?

We’re asking people on the temporary register to complete a diversity survey. Collecting this information helps us to meet our legal responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. You can read more about why collect this information in our privacy notice.

You may have received a request from ‘’ . This message is authentic and has been sent by the NMC.

Are all nurses and midwives eligible to join the Covid-19 temporary register?

To ensure we build up the Covid-19 temporary register in a safe and measured way, we will be inviting groups of people that we determine to be fit, proper and suitably experienced to join the register in a certain order.

Find out who can join the temporary register on our Covid-19 temporary registration page.

If I am invited to join the Covid-19 temporary register, will I be working under conditions of practice?

If you left the permanent registrant in the last three years, you will not be working under conditions of practice. 

You will be working under conditions of practice if:

  • you left the permanent register more than three years ago but up to five years ago, or
  • you're an overseas candidate who meets the requirements for temporary registration

Find out more about these conditions of practice.

Do I need to pay to join the Covid-19 temporary register?

No, you do not need to pay a registration fee to join the Covid-19 temporary register.

What indemnity cover / insurance do I need to have to work?

Please speak to your employer about what arrangements will be in place for indemnity cover. The government is ensuring that legal protections will be in place for those who take part in work as part of the Covid-19 response.

Do I need to meet any revalidation requirements to join the Covid-19 temporary register?

No. Our normal registration and revalidation requirements will not apply to those joining the Covid-19 temporary register.

Where will I work?

Once you have completed our online temporary registration form, we will check this and let you know when we have added you to the Covid-19 temporary register.

We will then make your details available to those leading the UK’s health and care services who are co-ordinating and planning how best to deploy the emergency workforce.

If they need your support, they’ll contact you directly on the email address that you give us to see if you want to work.

What protection will I have from catching Covid-19 if I go to work?

Please follow the most recent government advice relating to keeping well during this period and discuss this with your employer.

What if I want to join the Covid-19 temporary register, but I'm worried about my own health and well being?

You must give due consideration to your health and well being before opting in to be on the Covid-19 temporary register. Please refer to the most recent government guidance when making your decision. It may be possible that there are support and advice roles that you could be involved in. Please speak with your employer.

Will my previous post-registration / SCPHN qualifications still stand?

No, your previous post-registration qualifications will not stand if you are on the temporary register. This includes any previous prescribing qualification you may have held.

What would happen to me if any questions were raised about my competency or fitness to practise, after I started work?

These would not be dealt with by way of any FtP proceedings, but where there were justifiable concerns the Registrar would have the power to remove you from the temporary register.

Will joining the temporary register affect my pension or benefits?

You can get advice on this from the Department for Work and Pensions.

What would I need to do to return to the permanent register?

At any time during or after your temporary registration, you can apply for readmission to our permanent register in line with our return to practice (RtP) standards and readmission process. You can only do this if you have previously been on our permanent register.

Any hours you have practised on the temporary register will count as practice hours needed for readmission to the register (450 hours over three years or 750 hours over five years).

Find out more

If I am on a Return to Practice (RTP) course, what impact will joining the temporary register have on completing my programme?

If you have been off our permanent register for less than five years, you may opt in to join our temporary register. If you are currently on an RTP course you can defer your course and return at a later date. Your education institution should be able to advise you whether they will grant you Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the hours you complete in practice while on the temporary register.

Alternatively if the hours you have practised on the temporary register fulfil the criteria for admission (450 hours over three years or 750 hours over five years) then you could apply for readmission.

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