At the start of the pandemic in 2020, the UK Government introduced emergency legislation that allowed us to temporarily register fit, proper and suitably experienced people, so they could practise if they wanted to and felt able to do so. We opened Covid-19 temporary registration to people who had recently left the permanent register and overseas qualified professionals who had started their application but not yet joined our permanent register.

We had an overwhelming response from healthcare professionals offering their skills and services to help with this unprecedented challenge. Temporarily registered professionals have undoubtedly made a huge difference to the UK’s Covid-19 response and recovery.

Since March 2022, we have not been able to temporarily register new people.

In September 2023, the UK Government confirmed that temporary registration will end at the end of March 2024. After this date, professionals will no longer be able to practise with temporary registration.

In March 2023, we made changes to ensure that temporary registration continues to operate safely. This includes:

  • ending temporary registration for professionals who left the permanent register more than three years ago and are not practising.
  • ending temporary registration for overseas qualified professionals who are not actively progressing their application to the permanent register.
  • applying conditions of practice to professionals with temporary registration.

We will continue to maintain temporary registration in this way until it ends. Meanwhile, we encourage professionals with temporary registration to re-join the permanent register if they wish to continue practising after the end of March 2024.

Find out more about joining the permanent register

Opting out of temporary registration

If you would like to opt-out of temporary registration you can do it on this form

If you are an overseas candidate wishing to opt-out please use this form

Please note we are no longer able to accept new applicants, therefore if you opt out, you will not be able to apply for temporary registration again.