Our corporate plan

What we're focusing on this year

2020–21 marks the first year of our brand new strategy for 2020– 2025. This annual plan is designed to be read alongside our five-year strategy.

Our corporate plan doesn’t include financial reports which are available in our annual reports and accounts.

Our priorities for 2020-2021

Our focus for the year ahead is:

  • Finishing what we’ve started
  • Producing plans about how we will deliver new areas of work which will support how we regulate in the future
  • Deliver our first strategic priorities
  • Ensure that the NMC is fit for the future and ready for success

To achieve this, we've set eleven priorities for the year. Each priority is presented under our strategic themes for 2020–2025.

Corporate plan 2020 - 2021

Corporate plan 2020-2021 (Cymraeg)


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