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Corporate plan

Supporting delivery of our organisational priorities

Our corporate plan sets out what we’re focusing on this year.

Each plan reflects on changes we've made in previous years and what we’ve learnt, and sets out how we plan to deliver the priorities of our strategy for 2015-2020

Our corporate plan doesn’t include financial reports which are available in our annual reports and statutory accounts.

Our priorities and commitments for 2019–2020

The corporate plan 2019-2020 (Cymraeg) describes our priorities for the final year of our strategy for 2015‑2020.

These priorities are split into four areas:

  1. Changing our approach: new strategic initiatives that will significantly change how we regulate, including our new approach to fitness to practise.
  2. Core regulatory initiatives: work that ensures our regulatory action is effective and efficient to enable better, safer care - examples are the delivery of our education programme and regulation of nursing associates.
  3. Enhancing our capability and infrastructure: ensuring that we are an effective and efficient organisation now and in the future.
  4. Developing our new strategy for 2020-2025: taking into account the views of stakeholders, and developing our key priorities for 2020-2025.

Get involved

In April 2020 we will launch a new five-year plan outlining an ambitious vision for the NMC, with areas of focus and a clear plan of how to get there.

We'd like your help to shape this new strategy.

Help shape the future of the NMC 

Previous plans

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