Our corporate plan

Our corporate plan sets out the reprioritised areas of work we’ll focus on for the next two years.


We've identified five priority outcomes between now and 2026 focusing on the most significant risks to our work that will help us realise our vision for nursing and midwifery and become a better NMC.

Ultimately, people who use health and social care services will have safer, better experiences if we make critical changes and improvements to key areas of our work, our culture and how we interact with people.

Over the next two years, we will:

We want our fitness to practise process to be timely, considerate, and straightforward for everyone involved. Referrers and professionals need to have their cases dealt with effectively and as quickly and safely as possible; employers should understand when to refer their employees, and our people should feel proud to work for the NMC and be able to make a positive difference.

We want an open, inclusive culture that is free from discrimination, advances equality, celebrates diversity, promotes inclusion, and aligns with our values of kindness, fairness, ambition and collaboration. This is key to enabling everyone to perform at their best and learn and grow in their roles, so that we uphold professional standards for nursing and midwifery care and improve outcomes for people who use health and social care services.

We will ensure better, safer regulation for the benefit of the public with an improved register that’s easier to use and understand. Our regulatory digital systems will be updated, making it easier for people to connect with us and for NMC colleagues to do their jobs, supporting nursing and midwifery professionals to deliver safe, person-centred care. Everyone will have confidence and trust that we’re keeping their information safe and secure.

Partners and the wider sector will benefit from our insight and be able to use it to inform and implement plans to address workforce challenges and improve care for people. The way we regulate will help nursing and midwifery professionals adapt to future challenges, including the changing needs of people who use services, to deliver safe, kind and effective care.

The public and the professionals on our register will have trust and confidence in the quality of education, skills and competency of registered nurses, midwives and nursing associates to protect the public and deliver safe, effective and kind care to people and their communities.

To achieve these outcomes, we’ve deferred or reduced the scope of some planned projects to release capacity and resources. These include pausing plans to refresh our website and refurbish our offices in Portland Place and delaying the development of a new strategy for 2025.

We will monitor and review our progress against the plan, remaining agile to the wider landscape and adapting where needed to ensure that we continue to deliver our regulatory duties.

Our Corporate plan doesn’t include financial reports which are available in our annual reports and accounts.

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