Corporate plan

Our goals and objectives, and how we aim to achieve them within a set time period

Our Corporate plan for 2017-2018 is linked to the Strategy 2015-2020. The one year plan sets out our key areas of work for this year, which is Year 3 of working towards delivering the Strategy.

Our financial reports are available under annual reports and statutory accounts.

Corporate plan 2018-2019
Cynllun corfforaethol 2018–2019 (Welsh)

Previous corporate plans

Corporate plan 2017-18
Cynllun corfforaethol 2017–2018 (Welsh)

Corporate plan 2016-2017
Cynllun corfforaethol 2016–2017 (Welsh)

Corporate plan 2015-2016
Cynllun corfforaethol 2015-2016 (Welsh) 

Corporate plan 2014–2017
Cynllun corfforaethol 2014-2017 (Welsh)